On high moments of strongly diluted large Wigner random matrices

24 Jun 2015  ·  Khorunzhiy O. ·

We consider a dilute version of the Wigner ensemble of nxn random matrices $H$ and study the asymptotic behavior of their moments $M_{2s}$ in the limit of infinite $n$, $s$ and $\rho$, where $\rho$ is the dilution parameter. We show that in the asymptotic regime of the strong dilution, the moments $M_{2s}$ with $s=\chi\rho$ depend on the second and the fourth moments of the random entries $H_{ij}$ and do not depend on other even moments of $H_{ij}$... This fact can be regarded as an evidence of a new type of the universal behavior of the local eigenvalue distribution of strongly dilute random matrices at the border of the limiting spectrum. As a by-product of the proof, we describe a new kind of Catalan-type numbers related with the tree-type walks. read more

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