On nonlocal reductions of the multi-component nonlinear Schrodinger equation on symmetric spaces

29 Nov 2017  ·  Grahovski Georgi G., Mustafa Junaid I., Susanto Hadi ·

The aim of this paper is to develop the inverse scattering transform (IST) for multi-component generalisations of nonlocal reductions of the nonlinear Schrodinger (NLS) equation with PT-symmetry related to symmetric spaces. This includes: the spectral properties of the associated Lax operator, Jost function, the scattering matrix and the minimal set of scattering data, the fundamental analytic solutions... As main examples, we use the Manakov vector Schr\"odinger equation (related to A.III-symmetric spaces) and the multi-component NLS (MNLS) equations of Kullish-Sklyanin type (related to BD.I-symmetric spaces). Furthermore, the 1- and 2-soliton solutions are obtained by using an appropriate modification of the Zakharov-Shabat dressing method. It is shown, that the MNLS equations of these types allow both regular and singular soliton configurations. Finally, we present here different examples of 1- and 2-soliton solutions for both types of models, subject to different reductions. read more

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Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems Mathematical Physics Mathematical Physics Pattern Formation and Solitons