Online Search Tool for Graphical Patterns in Electronic Band Structures

31 Oct 2017  ·  Stanislav S. Borysov, Bart Olsthoorn, M. Berk Gedik, R. Matthias Geilhufe, Alexander V. Balatsky ·

We present an online graphical pattern search tool for electronic band structure data contained within the Organic Materials Database (OMDB) available at The tool is capable of finding user-specified graphical patterns in the collection of thousands of band structures from high-throughput ab initio calculations in the online regime. Using this tool, it takes less than a second to find an arbitrary graphical pattern within the ten electronic bands near the Fermi level for 11,512 organic crystals. The tool can be used to find realizations of functional materials characterized by a specific pattern in their electronic structure, for example, Dirac materials, characterized by a linear crossing of bands; topological insulators, characterized by a "Mexican hat" pattern or an effectively free electron gas, characterized by a parabolic dispersion. Although the developed tool is available only for the data contained within the OMDB, the described approach can be easily transferred to any other electronic band structure database. The approach allows for an automatic online analysis of a large collection of band structures where the amount of data makes its manual inspection impracticable.

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