Physical Implementation of a Majorana Fermion Surface Code for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation

27 Sep 2015  ·  Vijay Sagar, Fu Liang ·

We propose a physical realization of a commuting Hamiltonian of interacting Majorana fermions realizing $Z_{2}$ topological order, using an array of Josephson-coupled topological superconductor islands. The required multi-body interaction Hamiltonian is naturally generated by a combination of charging energy induced quantum phase-slips on the superconducting islands and electron tunneling... Our setup improves on a recent proposal for implementing a Majorana fermion surface code [1], a 'hybrid' approach to fault-tolerant quantum computation that combines (1) the engineering of a stabilizer Hamiltonian with a topologically ordered ground state with (2) projective stabilizer measurements to implement error correction and a universal set of logical gates. Our hybrid strategy has advantages over the traditional surface code architecture in error suppression and single-step stabilizer measurements, and is widely applicable to implementing stabilizer codes for quantum computation. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Superconductivity Quantum Physics