Plasma environment effects on K lines of astrophysical interest I. Atomic structure, radiative rates and Auger widths of oxygen ions

11 Mar 2019  ·  J. Deprince, A. Bautista M., S. Fritzsche, A. Garcia J., R. Kallman T., C. Mendoza, P. Palmeri, P Quinet ·

Aims. In the context of black-hole accretion disks, the main goal of the present study is to estimate the plasma environment effects on the atomic structure and radiative parameters associated with the K-vacancy states in ions of the oxygen isonuclear sequence... Methods. We use a time-averaged Debye-Huckel potential for both the electron-nucleus and the electron-electron interactions implemented in the fully relativistic multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock (MCDF) method. Results. Modified ionization potentials, K thresholds, Auger widths and radiative transition wavelengths and rates are reported for O I - O VII in plasma environments with electron temperature and density ranges 10E5 - 10E7 K and 10E18 - 10E22 cm-3 . read more

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Atomic Physics