Post-compression of high energy terawatt-level femtosecond pulses and application to high order harmonic generation

27 Feb 2015  ·  Hort Ondřej, Dubrouil Antoine, Cabasse Amélie, Petit Stéphane, Mével Eric, Descamps Dominique, Constant Eric ·

We perform a post-compression of high energy pulses by using optical-field ionization of low pressure helium gas in a guided geometry. We apply this approach to a TW chirped-pulse-amplification based Ti:Sapphire laser chain and show that spectral broadening can be controlled both with the input pulse energy and gas pressure... Under optimized conditions, we generate 10 fs pulses at TW level directly under vacuum and demonstrate a high stability of the post compressed pulse duration. These high energy post-compressed pulses are thereafter used to perform high harmonic generation in a loose focusing geometry. The XUV beam is characterized both spatially and spectrally on a single shot basis and structured continuous XUV spectra are observed. read more

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