Pressure-driven switching of magnetism in layered CrCl3

10 Nov 2019  ·  Azkar Saeed Ahmad, Yongcheng Liang, Mingdong Dong, Xuefeng Zhou, Leiming Fang, Yuanhua Xia, Jianhong Dai, Xiaozhi Yan, Xiaohui Yu, Guojun Zhang, Yusheng Zhao, Shanmin Wang ·

Layered transition-metal compounds with controllable magnetic behaviors provide many fascinating opportunities for the fabrication of high-performance magneto-electric and spintronic devices. The tuning of their electronic and magnetic properties is usually limited to the change of layer thickness, electrostatic doping, and the control of electric and magnetic fields. However, pressure has been rarely exploited as a control parameter for tailoring their magneto-electric properties. Here, we report a unique pressure-driven isostructural phase transition in layered CrCl3 accompanied by a simultaneous switching of magnetism from a ferromagnetic to an antiferromagnetic ordering. Our experiments, in combination with ab initio calculations, demonstrate that such a magnetic transformation hinders the band-gap collapse under pressure, leading to an anomalous semiconductor-to-semiconductor transition. Our findings not only reveal high potential of CrCl3 in electronic and spintronic applications under ambient and extreme conditions but also establish the basis for exploring unusual phase transitions in layered transition-metal compounds.

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Materials Science