Pressure-tunable large anomalous Hall effect of the ferromagnetic kagome-lattice Weyl semimetal Co3Sn2S2

20 Sep 2019  ·  Chen Xuliang, Wang Maoyuan, Gu Chuanchuan, Wang Shuyang, Zhou Yonghui, An Chao, Zhou Ying, Zhang Bowen, Chen Chunhua, Yuan Yifang, Qi Mengyao, Zhang Lili, Zhou Haidong, Zhou Jianhui, Yao Yugui, Yang Zhaorong ·

We investigate the pressure evolution of the anomalous Hall effect in magnetic topological semimetal Co3Sn2S2 in diamond anvil cells with pressures up to 44.9-50.9 GPa. No evident trace of structural phase transition is detected through synchrotron x-ray diffraction over the measured pressure range of 0.2-50.9 GPa... We find that the anomalous Hall resistivity and the ferromagnetism are monotonically suppressed as increasing pressure and almost vanish around 22 GPa. The anomalous Hall conductivity varies non-monotonically against pressure at low temperatures, involving competition between original and emergent Weyl nodes. Combined with first-principle calculations, we reveal that the intrinsic mechanism due to the Berry curvature dominates the anomalous Hall effect under high pressure. read more

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Materials Science Strongly Correlated Electrons