Probing single unit-cell resolved electronic structure modulations in oxide superlattices with standing-wave photoemission

12 Jan 2019 Yang W. Chandrasena R. U. Gu M. Reis R. M. S. dos Moon E. J. Arab Arian Husanu M. -A. Ciston J. Strocov V. N. Rondinelli J. M. May S. J. Gray A. X.

Control of structural couplings at the complex-oxide interfaces is a powerful platform for creating new ultrathin layers with electronic and magnetic properties unattainable in the bulk. However, with the capability to design and control the electronic structure of such buried layers and interfaces at a unit-cell level, a new challenge emerges to be able to probe these engineered emergent phenomena with depth-dependent atomic resolution as well as element- and orbital selectivity... (read more)

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