Production and applications of non-Gaussian quantum states of light

30 Jun 2020  ·  Lvovsky A. I., Grangier Philippe, Ourjoumtsev Alexei, Parigi Valentina, Sasaki Masahide, Tualle-Brouri Rosa ·

This review covers recent theoretical and experimental efforts to extend the application of the continuous-variable quantum technology of light beyond "Gaussian" quantum states, such as coherent and squeezed states, into the domain of "non-Gaussian" states with negative Wigner functions. Starting with basic Gaussian nonclassicality associated with single- and two-mode vacuum states produced by means of parametric down-conversion and applying a set of standard tools, such as linear interferometry, coherent state injection, and conditional homodyne and photon number measurements, one can implement a large variety of optical states and processes that are relevant in fundamental quantum physics as well as quantum optical information processing... We present a systematic review of these methods, paying attention to both fundamental and practical aspects of their implementation, as well as a comprehensive overview of the results achieved therewith. read more

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Quantum Physics Optics