Pulser: An open-source package for the design of pulse sequences in programmable neutral-atom arrays

30 Apr 2021  ·  Henrique Silvério, Sebastián Grijalva, Constantin Dalyac, Lucas Leclerc, Peter J. Karalekas, Nathan Shammah, Mourad Beji, Louis-Paul Henry, Loïc Henriet ·

Programmable arrays of hundreds of Rydberg atoms have recently enabled the exploration of remarkable phenomena in many-body quantum physics. In addition, the development of high-fidelity quantum gates are making them promising architectures for the implementation of quantum circuits. We present here \textit{Pulser}, an open-source Python library for programming neutral-atom devices at the pulse level. The low-level nature of Pulser makes it a versatile framework for quantum control both in the digital and analog settings. The library also contains simulation routines for studying and exploring the outcome of pulse sequences for small systems.

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