Quantum field theory on rotating black hole spacetimes

25 Sep 2015  ·  Ferreira Hugo R. C. ·

This thesis is concerned with the development of a general method to compute renormalised local observables for quantum matter fields, in a given quantum state, on a rotating black hole spacetime. The rotating black hole may be surrounded by a Dirichlet mirror, if necessary, such that a regular, isometry-invariant vacuum state can be defined... We focus on the case of a massive scalar field on a (2+1)-dimensional rotating black hole, but the method can be extended to other types of matter fields and higher-dimensional rotating black holes. The Feynman propagator of the matter field in the regular, isometry-invariant state is written as a sum over mode solutions on the complex Riemannian section of the black hole. A Hadamard renormalisation procedure is implemented at the level of the Feynman propagator by expressing its singular part as a sum over mode solutions on the complex Riemannian section of rotating Minkowski spacetime. This allows us to explicitly renormalise local observables such as the vacuum polarisation of the quantum field. The method is applied to the vacuum polarisation of a real massive scalar field on a (2+1)-dimensional warped AdS3 black hole surrounded by a mirror. Selected numerical results are presented, demonstrating the numerical efficacy of the method. The existence of classical superradiance and the classical linear mode stability of the warped AdS3 black hole to massive scalar field perturbations are also analysed. read more

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General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology