QuDot Nets: Quantum Computers and Bayesian Networks

26 Jul 2016  ·  Sakkaris Perry ·

We present a new implementation of quantum computation that treats quantum computers as a special type of Bayesian Network called a QuDot Net. QuDot Nets allow for the efficient representation of some qubit systems... Single qubit quantum gates can be implemented as edge transformations on QuDot Nets. The X, H, R(k), M and SWAP gates are discussed in detail and results show linear scaling as the number of qubits are increased. We show that measurement and semi-quantum control gates can be efficiently implemented using QuDot Nets and present results from a QuDot Net implementation of the terminal Quantum Fourier Transform. We show how QuDot Nets can implement coherent control gates using multi-digraphs by labelling parallel edges. Lastly, we discuss implications to quantum foundations if a classical implementation of quantum computation is realized. read more

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Quantum Physics