Ramsey-Bord\'e matter-wave interferometry for laser frequency stabilization at $10^{-16}$ frequency instability and below

15 Jul 2019  ·  Olson Judith, Fox Richard W., Fortier Tara M., Sheerin Todd F., Brown Roger C., Leopardi Holly, Stoner Richard E., Oates Chris W., Ludlow Andrew D. ·

We demonstrate Ramsey-Bord\'e (RB) atom interferometry for high performance laser stabilization with fractional frequency instability $<2 \times 10^{-16}$ for timescales between 10 and 1000s. The RB spectroscopy laser interrogates two counterpropagating $^{40}$Ca beams on the $^1$S$_0$ -- $^3$P$_1$ transition at 657 nm, yielding 1.6 kHz linewidth interference fringes... Fluorescence detection of the excited state population is performed on the (4s4p) $^3$P$_1$ -- (4p$^2$) $^3$P$_0$ transition at 431 nm. Minimal thermal shielding and no vibration isolation are used. These stability results surpass performance from other thermal atomic or molecular systems by one to two orders of magnitude, and further improvements look feasible. read more

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Atomic Physics Optics