Real-time observation of Cooper pair splitting showing strong non-local correlations

18 Dec 2020  ·  Antti Ranni, Fredrik Brange, Elsa T. Mannila, Christian Flindt, Ville F. Maisi ·

The extraction and splitting of Cooper pairs from a superconductor have been proposed and investigated as an efficient way to obtain entangled electrons at separate locations. However, accessing experimentally the individual split Cooper pairs and their correlations constitutes a major unresolved issue as they mix together with electrons from competing processes, such as elastic cotunneling, which are hard to avoid... Here, we overcome this outstanding experimental challenge with the first real-time observation of the splitting of individual Cooper pairs, enabling both direct access to the time-resolved statistics of Cooper pair splitting as well as the storage of the split pairs on separate nano-sized islands. Our experiment allows us to unambiguously pinpoint and select split Cooper pairs with 99 % fidelity, even in the presence of a considerable amount of spurious tunneling processes. Specifically, we determine the correlation statistics arising from two-electron processes, which exhibits a pronounced peak that is two orders of magnitude larger than the background signal. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics