Recent Belle results related to $\pi-K$ interactions

28 Feb 2018  ·  Pal Bilas for the Belle Collaboration ·

We report the recent results related to $\pi-K$ interactions based on the data collected by the Belle experiment at the KEKB collider. This includes the branching fraction and $CP$ asymmetry measurements of $B^+\to K^+K^-\pi^+$ decay, search for the $\Lambda_c^+\to\phi p\pi^0$, $\Lambda_c^+\to P_s^+\pi^0$ decays, branching fraction measurement of $\Lambda_c^+\to K^-\pi^+p\pi^0$, first observation of doubly Cabibbo-suppressed decay $\Lambda_c^+\to K^+\pi^-p$, and the measurement of CKM angle $\phi_3$ ($\gamma$) with a model-independent Dalitz plot analysis of $B^{\pm}\to DK^{\pm},D\to K_S^0\pi^+\pi^-$ decay...

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High Energy Physics - Experiment