Reply to "Comment on "Texture Zeros and WB Transformations in the Quark Sector of the Standard Model"

25 Feb 2015  ·  Giraldo Yithsbey ·

We respond to the comments of S. Sharma et al. [Phys. Rev... D 91, 038301 (2015)] on my recent paper, Y. Giraldo [Phys. Rev. D 86, 093021 (2012)]. In their comments, they begin discussing a particular class of five-zero texture non-Fritzsch-like quark mass matrix, which was proposed by me, and questioning its validity. Then, they put in doubt the phases included in the unitary matrices used for diagonalizing the quark mass matrices, from which they claim that the CP violating parameter $\epsilon_k$ obtained does not agree with the experimental value. Because of these comments, finally, they recommend being careful while analyzing the implications of Weak Basis transformations on textures. Other minor points are also discussed by them. In the following, I will show that the mentioned five-zero texture non-Fritzsch-like quark mass matrices is completely valid and generates all the physical quantities involved, including the CP violating parameter $\epsilon_k$, for which is required the inclusion of phases in the unitary matrices used for diagonalizing the quark mass matrices in order to put the CKM matrix in standard form. These phases can be rotated away so they do not have any physical meaning. Finally, the relevance of the weak basis transformation is appreciated: which is {\it complete} and facilitates calculations, especially of textures zeros. read more

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