Reversible recovery of excess current in $Y(Ho)-Ba-Cu-O$-normal metal point contacts under high voltages

12 Mar 2017 Rybal'chenko L. F. Fisun V. V. Bobrov N. L. Yanson I. K. Bondarenko A. V. Obolenskii M. A.

A polarity-dependent reversible change in the current-voltage characteristics between states corresponding to different values of the excess current ${{I}_{exc}}$ is observed for bias voltages of several hundred millivolts in $Ag-ReB{{a}_{2}}C{{u}_{3}}{{O}_{7-x}}$ $\left( Re\text{ }=\text{ }Y,\text{ }Ho \right)$ point contacts in the current-carrying state. The observed effect has a high intensity (right up to a complete suppression or recovery of ${{I}_{exc}}$) and is not accompanied by a noticeable variation of the energy gap or the critical temperature in the point contact region... (read more)

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