3 Jun 2008  ·  F. Staub ·

SARAH is a Mathematica package for building and analyzing supersymmetric models. SARAH just needs the gauge structure, particle content and superpotential to produce all information about the gauge eigenstates of a model... Breaking of gauge symmetries and mixings of particles can easily be in a second step and entire Lagrangian is derived automatically. Also the gauge fixing terms are derived by SARAH in R_Xi gauge, and the corresponding ghost interactions are calculated. Using this information, SARAH can calculate the all mass matrices, tadpole equations and vertices at tree-level for the given model. In addition, the expressions for the 1- and 2-loop renormalization group equations of all parameters can be calculated and an automatic calculation for the 1-loop corrections to self energies and the tadpoles are possible. SARAH can write all information about the model to LaTeX files, or create a model files for FeynArts/FormCalc, WHIZARD/OMEGA and CalcHep/CompHep, which can also be used for dark matter studies using MicrOmegas, and in the UFO format which is supported by MadGraph 5. Beginning with version 3, SARAH is also the first available spectrum-generator-generator: based on the derived, analytical expression it creates source code for SPheno to calculate the mass spectrum as well the SUSY decays with high precision. In that way, it is possible to implement new models in SPheno without the need to write any Fortran code by hand. Already many models beyond the MSSM are included in the public version of SARAH and the implementation of new models is easy and straightforward. read more

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High Energy Physics - Phenomenology