Say NO to Optimization: A Non-Orthogonal Quantum Eigensolver

18 May 2022  ·  Unpil Baek, Diptarka Hait, James Shee, Oskar Leimkuhler, William J. Huggins, Torin F. Stetina, Martin Head-Gordon, K. Birgitta Whaley ·

A balanced description of both static and dynamic correlations in electronic systems with nearly degenerate low-lying states presents a challenge for multi-configurational methods on classical computers. We present here a quantum algorithm utilizing the action of correlating cluster operators to provide high-quality wavefunction ans\"atze employing a non-orthogonal multireference basis that captures a significant portion of the exact wavefunction in a highly compact manner, and that allows computation of the resulting energies and wavefunctions at polynomial cost with a quantum computer. This enables a significant improvement over the corresponding classical non-orthogonal solver, which incurs an exponential cost when evaluating off-diagonal matrix elements between the ansatz states, and is therefore intractable. We implement the non-orthogonal quantum eigensolver (NOQE) here with an efficient ansatz parameterization inspired by classical quantum chemistry methods that succeed in capturing significant amounts of electronic correlation accurately. By taking advantage of classical methods for chemistry, NOQE provides a flexible, compact, and rigorous description of both static and dynamic electronic correlation, making it an attractive method for the calculation of electronic states of a wide range of molecular systems.

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Quantum Physics Strongly Correlated Electrons Chemical Physics