Secure continuous variable quantum teleportation and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering

24 Aug 2015  ·  He Qiongyi, Rosales-Zarate Laura, Adesso Gerardo, Reid Margaret ·

We investigate the resources needed for secure teleportation of coherent states. We extend continuous variable teleportation to include quantum tele-amplification protocols, that allow non-unity classical gains and a pre-amplification or post-attenuation of the coherent state... We show that, for arbitrary Gaussian protocols and a significant class of Gaussian resources, two-way steering is required to achieve a teleportation fidelity beyond the no-cloning threshold. This provides an operational connection between Gaussian steerability and secure teleportation. We present practical recipes suggesting that heralded noiseless pre-amplification may enable high-fidelity heralded teleportation, using minimally entangled yet steerable resources. read more

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Quantum Physics