Solving Quantum Master Equations with Deep Quantum Neural Networks

12 Aug 2020  ·  Liu Zidu, Duan L. -M., Deng Dong-Ling ·

Deep quantum neural networks may provide a promising way to achieve quantum learning advantage with noisy intermediate scale quantum devices. Here, we use deep quantum feedforward neural networks capable of universal quantum computation to represent the mixed states for open quantum many-body systems and introduce a variational method with quantum derivatives to solve the master equation for dynamics and stationary states... Owning to the special structure of the quantum networks, this approach enjoys a number of notable features, including the absence of barren plateaus, efficient quantum analogue of the backpropagation algorithm, resource-saving reuse of hidden qubits, general applicability independent of dimensionality and entanglement properties, as well as the convenient implementation of symmetries. As proof-of-principle demonstrations, we apply this approach to both one-dimensional transverse field Ising and two-dimensional $J_1-J_2$ models with dissipation, and show that it can efficiently capture their dynamics and stationary states with a desired accuracy. read more

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Quantum Physics Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Strongly Correlated Electrons