Spectroscopy and level detuning of few-electron spin states in parallel InAs quantum dots

20 Aug 2018  ·  Thelander Claes, Nilsson Malin, Boström Florinda Viñas, Burke Adam, Lehmann Sebastian, Dick Kimberly A., Leijnse Martin ·

We use tunneling spectroscopy to study the evolution of few-electron spin states in parallel InAs nanowire double quantum dots (QDs) as a function of level detuning and applied magnetic field. Compared to the much more studied serial configuration, parallel coupling of the QDs to source and drain greatly expands the probing range of excited state transport... Owing to a strong confinement, we can here isolate transport involving only the very first interacting single QD orbital pair. For the (2,0)-(1,1) charge transition, with relevance for spin-based qubits, we investigate the excited (1,1) triplet, and hybridization of the (2,0) and (1,1) singlets. An applied magnetic field splits the (1,1) triplet, and due to spin-orbit induced mixing with the (2,0) singlet, we clearly resolve transport through all triplet states near the avoided singlet-triplet crossings. Transport calculations, based on a simple model with one orbital on each QD, fully replicate the experimental data. Finally, we observe an expected mirrored symmetry between the 1-2 and 2-3 electron transitions resulting from the two-fold spin degeneracy of the orbitals. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics