SPHinXsys: an open-source multi-physics and multi-resolution library based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics

23 Oct 2020  ·  Zhang Chi, Rezavand Massoud, Zhu Yujie, Yu Yongchuan, Wu Dong, Zhang Wenbin, Wang Jianhang, Hu Xiangyu ·

In this paper, we present an open-source multi-resolution and multi-physics library: SPHinXsys (pronunciation: s'finksis) which is an acronym for \underline{S}moothed \underline{P}article \underline{H}ydrodynamics (SPH) for \underline{in}dustrial comple\underline{X} \underline{sys}tems. As an open-source library, SPHinXsys is developed and released under the terms of Apache License (2.0). Along with the source code, a complete documentation is also distributed to make the compilation and execution easy. SPHinXsys aims at modeling coupled multi-physics industrial dynamic systems including fluids, solids, multi-body dynamics and beyond, in a multi-resolution unified SPH framework. As an SPH solver, SPHinXsys has many advantages namely, (1) the generic design provides a C++ API showing a very good flexibility when building domain-specific applications, (2) numerous industrial or scientific applications can be coupled within the same framework and (3) with the open-source philosophy, the community of users can collaborate and improve the library. SPHinXsys presently (v0.2.0) includes validations and applications in the fields of fluid dynamics, solid dynamics, thermal and mass diffusion, reaction-diffusion, electromechanics and fluid-structure interactions (FSI).

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