Spin injection and detection up to room temperature in Heusler~alloy/$n$-GaAs spin valves

12 Oct 2016 Peterson T. A. Patel S. J. Geppert C. C. Christie K. D. Rath A. Pennachio D. Flatté M. E. Voyles P. M. Palmstrøm C. J. Crowell P. A.

We have measured the spin injection efficiency and spin lifetime in Co$_2$FeSi/$n$-GaAs lateral nonlocal spin valves from 20 to 300 K. We observe large ($\sim$40 $\mu$V) spin valve signals at room temperature and injector currents of $10^3~$A/cm$^2$, facilitated by fabricating spin valve separations smaller than the 1 $\mu$m spin diffusion length and applying a forward bias to the detector contact. The spin transport parameters are measured by comparing the injector-detector contact separation dependence of the spin valve signal with a numerical model accounting for spin drift and diffusion... (read more)

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