Spin-isospin excitation of ${}^3$He with three-proton final state

28 Nov 2017  ·  Ishikawa Souichi ·

Spin-isospin excitation of ${}^3$He nucleus by proton-induced charge-exchange reaction, ${}^3\mathrm{He}(p,n)ppp$, at forward neutron scattering angle is studied in a plane wave impulse approximation (PWIA). In PWIA, cross sections of the reaction is written in terms of proton-neutron scattering amplitudes and response functions of the transition from ${}^{3}$He to three-proton state by spin-isospin transition operators... The response functions are calculated with realistic nucleon-nucleon potential models using a Faddeev three-body method. Calculated cross sections agree with available experimental data in substance. Possible effects arising from the uncertainty of proton-neutron amplitudes and three-nucleon interactions in three-proton system are examined. read more

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