Stability of Many-Body Localized Systems Coupled to Small Bath

16 Jul 2021  ·  Shao-Hen Chiew, Jiangbin Gong, Leong-Chuan Kwek, Chee-Kong Lee ·

It is known that strong disorder in closed quantum systems leads to many-body localization (MBL), and that this quantum phase can be destroyed by coupling to an infinitely large Markovian environment. However, the stability of the MBL phase is less clear when the system and environment are of finite and comparable size... Here, we study the stability and eventual localization properties of a disordered Heisenberg spin chain coupled to a finite environment, and extensively explore the effects of environment disorder, geometry, initial state and system-bath coupling strength. Our numerical results indicate that in most cases, the system retains its localization properties despite the coupling to the finite environment, albeit to a reduced extent. However, in cases where the system and environment is strongly coupled in the ladder configuration, the eventual localization properties are highly dependent on the initial state, and could lead to either thermalization or localization. read more

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Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Quantum Physics