Stress controlled rheology of dense suspensions using transient flows

28 Oct 2018  ·  Han Endao, James Nicole M., Jaeger Heinrich M. ·

Dense suspensions of hard particles in a Newtonian liquid can be jammed by shear when the applied stress exceeds a certain threshold. However, this jamming transition from a fluid into a solidified state cannot be probed with conventional steady-state rheology because the stress distribution inside the material cannot be controlled with sufficient precision... Here we introduce and validate a method that overcomes this obstacle. Rapidly propagating shear fronts are generated and used to establish well-controlled local stress conditions that sweep across the material. Exploiting such transient flows, we are able to track how a dense suspension approaches its shear jammed state dynamically, and can quantitatively map out the onset stress for solidification in a state diagram. read more

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Soft Condensed Matter