Sum rules across the unpolarized Compton processes involving generalized polarizabilities and moments of nucleon structure functions

20 Apr 2018  ·  Lensky Vadim, Hagelstein Franziska, Pascalutsa Vladimir, Vanderhaeghen Marc ·

We derive two new sum rules for the unpolarized doubly virtual Compton scattering process on a nucleon, which establish novel low-$Q^2$ relations involving the nucleon's generalized polarizabilities and moments of the nucleon's unpolarized structure functions $F_1(x,Q^2)$ and $F_2(x,Q^2)$. These relations facilitate the determination of some structure constants which can only be accessed in off-forward doubly virtual Compton scattering, not experimentally accessible at present... We perform an empirical determination for the proton and compare our results with a next-to-leading-order chiral perturbation theory prediction. We also show how these relations may be useful for a model-independent determination of the low-$Q^2$ subtraction function in the Compton amplitude, which enters the two-photon-exchange contribution to the Lamb shift of (muonic) hydrogen. An explicit calculation of the $\Delta(1232)$-resonance contribution to the muonic-hydrogen $2P-2S$ Lamb shift yields $-1 \pm 1$ $\mathsf\mu$eV, confirming the previously conjectured smallness of this effect. read more

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High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Nuclear Experiment Nuclear Theory