Supersolid stripe crystal from finite-range interactions on a lattice

19 Sep 2019  ·  Masella Guido, Angelone Adriano, Mezzacapo Fabio, Pupillo Guido, Prokof'ev Nikolay V. ·

Strong, long-range interactions present a unique challenge for the theoretical investigation of quantum many-body lattice models, due to the generation of large numbers of competing states at low energy. Here, we investigate a class of extended bosonic Hubbard models with off-site terms interpolating between short and infinite range, thus allowing for an exact numerical solution for all interaction strengths... We predict a novel type of stripe crystal at strong coupling. Most interestingly, for intermediate interaction strengths we demonstrate that the stripes can turn superfluid, thus leading to a self-assembled array of quasi-one-dimensional superfluids. These bosonic superstripes turn into an isotropic supersolid with decreasing the interaction strength. The mechanism for stripe formation is based on cluster self-assembling in the corresponding classical ground state, reminiscent of classical soft-matter models of polymers, different from recently proposed mechanisms for cold gases of alkali or dipolar magnetic atoms. read more

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Quantum Gases Strongly Correlated Electrons