Suppressing information storage in a structured thermal bath: Objectivity and non-Markovianity

7 Oct 2021  ·  Wilson S. Martins, Diogo O. Soares-Pinto ·

Quantum systems interacting with environments tend to have their information lost from transmission through the correlations generated with the degrees of freedom of the environment. For situations where we have non- Markovian environments, the information contained in the environment may return to the system and such effect can be captured by non-Markovian witnesses... In the present work, we use a central qubit coupled to a spin chain with Ising interactions subject to a magnetic field, i.e., a central spin model, and solve the exact dynamics of a system subject to dephasing dynamics via Kraus operators. For such we use two witnesses to analyze the presence of non-Markovianity: the BLP trace-based measure and the conditional past-future correlator (CPF). Furthermore, we see how such behavior suppresses the classic plateau in Partial Information Plot (PIP) from the paradigm of quantum Darwinism, as well as objective information from Spectrum Broadcast Structure (SBS). In addition to the system point of view, we show the impossibility of encoding accessible information for measurement in the environment for any model limit. read more

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Quantum Physics