Synthesis and Magnetism of a Li$_2$FeSiO$_4$ Single Crystal

11 Mar 2019  ·  Hergett Waldemar, Jonak Martin, Billert Fabian, Werner Johannes, Sauerland Sven, Koo Changhyun, Neef Christoph, Klingeler Rüdiger ·

A macroscopic single crystal of $\gamma_{\rm II}$-Li\(_2\)FeSiO\(_4\) has been grown by means of the high-pressure optical floating-zone technique. Static magnetic susceptibility $\chi$ implies that the tetrahedrally-coordinated Fe$^{2+}$ ions are in the high-spin, $S=2$, state... While a sharp decrease in $\chi$ implies long-range antiferromagnetic order below \tn\ = 17.0(5)~K, the presence of a broad maximum at $T_{\rm m} = 28$~K suggests quasi-low-dimensional magnetism. Applying magnetic fields along the easy magnetic $a$-axis yields additional contributions to the susceptibility $\partial M/\partial B$ and magnetostriction for $B > 7$~T, and an anomaly at $B\approx 14.8$~T. read more

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