Tailored Variational Forms for Certain Linear Inequality Constraints in Quadratic Binary Optimization Problems

29 Jul 2020  ·  Quinones Miguel Paredes, Junqueira Catarina ·

This paper introduces the use of special variational forms for variational quantum eigensolvers that have properties of representing certain constraints on the search domain of a linear constrained quadratic binary optimization problem solution. Four constraints that usually appear in several optimization problems are modeled... The main advantage of the proposed methodology is that the number of parameters on the variational form remain constant and depend on the number of variables that appear on the constraints. Moreover, this variational form always produces feasible solutions for the represented constraints differing from penalization techniques commonly used to translate constrained problems into unconstrained one. The methodology is implemented for two known optimization problems: the Facility Location Problem and the Set Packing Problem. The results obtained for this two problems with VQE using 2-Local variational form and a general QAOA implementation are compared, and indicate that less quantum gates and parameters were used, leading to a faster convergence. read more

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Quantum Physics Optimization and Control