Test of Lorentz Invarience from Compton Scattering

12 Jan 2016  ·  Mohanmurthy Prajwal, Dutta Dipangkar, Narayan Amrendra ·

In the recent times, test of Lorentz Invariance has been used as a means to probe theories of physics beyond the standard model. We describe a simple way of utilizing the polarimeters, which are a critical beam instrument at precision and intensity frontier nuclear physics labs such as the erstwhile Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) and Jefferson Lab (JLab), to constrain the dependence of vacuum dispersion with the energy of the photons and its direction of propagation at unprecedented level of precision... We obtain a limit of minimal Standard Model extension (MSME) parameters: $\sqrt{\kappa_X^2 + \kappa_Y^2} < 4.6 \times 10^{-10}$ and $\sqrt{\left( 2c_{TX} - (\tilde{\kappa}_{0^+}^{YZ} \right)^2 + \left( 2c_{TY} - (\tilde{\kappa}_{0^+}^{ZX} \right)^2} < 4.6 \times 10^{-10}$. We also obtain a leading constraint for the refractive index of free space $n = 1 + (2.44\times10^{-9} \pm 6.82\times 10^{-9})$. read more

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Nuclear Experiment Instrumentation and Detectors