$\textit{Zitterbewegung}$ near new Dirac points in graphene superlattice

24 Apr 2018  ·  Luan Jianli, Li Shangyang, Ma Tianxing, Wang Li-Gang ·

New Dirac points appear when periodic potentials are applied to graphene, and there are many interesting effects near these new Dirac points. Here we investigate the $\textit{Zitterbewegung}$ effect of fermions described by a Gaussian wave packet in graphene superlattice near new Dirac points... The $\textit{Zitterbewegung}$ near different Dirac points has similar characteristics, while Fermions near new Dirac points have different group velocities in both $x$- and $y$-direction, which causes the different properties of the $\textit{Zitterbewegung}$ near new Dirac points. We also investigate the $\textit{Zitterbewegung}$ effect influenced by all Dirac points, and get the evolution with changing potential. Our intensive results suggest that graphene superlattice may provide an appropriate system to study $\textit{Zitterbewegung}$ effect near new Dirac points experimentally. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Materials Science