The ADENUIM Telescope- A new beam telescope for the DESY II Test Beam Facility

22 Feb 2021  ·  Yi Liu, Yao Teng, Chenfei Yang, Changqing Feng, Ingrid-Maria Gregor, Lennart Huth, Marcel Stanitzki ·

A high-resolution beam telescope is one of the most important and equally demanding infrastructure at any test beam facility. Its main purpose is to provide reference particle tracks from the incoming test beam particles to the test beam users, which allows to measure the performance of the so-called device-under-test (DUT). We present the development of the ADENUIM beam telescope (ALPIDE sensor based DESY Next testbeam Instrument). The ADENUIM beam telescope is equipped with vary number of telescope planes depending on testbeam measurement by users. The telescope planes are framed by plastic scintillators. The coincident signal of all scintillators is used as trigger and then used as a trigger and distributed to the entire system, including all the telescope planes and any devices under test from test beam users. Both the data acquisition and offline reconstruction software are kept being compatible to the EUDET-style beam telescope. This allows an telescope hardware replacement, without forcing users to migrate their data acquisition system. The biased residual distribution is studied as a function of the beam energy, pixel layers distance and sensor threshold. The measure pointing resolution of reconstructed tracks is better than 6 um. The design trigger rate is up to 100 kHz. The number of fake hits is negligible after applying an masking of a few defect pixels.

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