The Chern-Simons current in systems of DNA-RNA transcriptions

24 Dec 2017 Capozziello Salvatore Pincak Richard Kanjamapornkul Kabin Saridakis Emmanuel N.

A Chern-Simons current, coming from ghost and anti-ghost fields of supersymmetry theory, can be used to define a spectrum of gene expression in new time series data where a spinor field, as alternative representation of a gene, is adopted instead of using the standard alphabet sequence of bases $A, T, C, G, U$. After a general discussion on the use of supersymmetry in biological systems, we give examples of the use of supersymmetry for living organism, discuss the codon and anti-codon ghost fields and develop an algebraic construction for the trash DNA, the DNA area which does not seem active in biological systems... (read more)

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