The humidity sensing properties and mechanism of strontium-hexaferrite ceramics

10 Aug 2016  ·  Zhang Hui-Feng, Li Jian, Shao Gang-Qin, Gao Zhen-Sheng, Liu Jin-Hua, Girish H. -N. ·

The humidity sensitivity of n-type strontium-hexaferrite semiconductors, X-type (Sr2Co2Fe28O46) and Z-type (Sr3Co2Fe24O41), are investigated at room temperature. The contact and reactions between water and material surface are demonstrated considering the formation of oxide ion vacancy, singly-ionized / fully-ionized oxide ion vacancy, and the chemisorbed / physisorbed / condensed water... An impedance spectra model is proposed considering the material-electrode interface, interior material, grain boundary, absorbed water and Warburg response. The mechanism of electronic coupled with protonic conduction and humidity sensing mechanism are explained. read more

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Materials Science Chemical Physics