The impact of electron-electron correlation in ultrafast attosecond single ionization dynamics

25 Feb 2020  ·  Fröbel Friedrich Georg 1 and 2, Ziems Karl Michael 1 and 3, Peschel Ulf 2 and 4, Gräfe Stefanie 1,2 and 3, Schubert Alexander ·

The attosecond ultrafast ionization dynamics of correlated two- or many-electron systems have, so far, been mainly addressed investigating atomic systems. In the case of single ionization, it is well known that electron-electron correlation modifies the ionization dynamics and observables beyond the single active electron picture, resulting in effects such as the Auger effect or shake-up/down and knock-up/down processes... Here, we extend these works by investigating the attosecond ionization of a molecular system involving correlated two-electron dynamics, as well as non-adiabatic nuclear dynamics. Employing a charge-transfer molecular model system with two differently bound electrons, a strongly and a weakly bound electron, we distinguish different pathways leading to ionization, be it direct ionization or ionization involving elastic and inelastic electron scattering processes. We find that different pathways result in a difference in the electronic population of the parent molecular ion, which, in turn, involves different subsequent (non-adiabatic) postionization dynamics on different time scales. read more

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Atomic Physics Quantum Physics