The incommensurate magnet iron monophosphide FeP: Crystal growth and characterization

31 Mar 2020 Chernyavskii I. O. Nikitin S. E. Onykiienko Y. A. Inosov D. S. Stahl Q. Geck J. Hong X. C. Hess C. Gaß S. Wolter A. U. B. Wolf D. Lubk A. Efremov D. V. Yokaichiya F. Aswartham S. Büchner B. Morozov I. V.

We report an optimized chemical vapor transport method, which allows growing FeP single crystals up to 500 mg in mass and 80 $mm^{3}$ in volume. The high quality of the crystals obtained by this method was confirmed by means of EDX, high-resolution TEM, low-temperature single crystal XRD and neutron diffraction experiments... (read more)

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