The Machine Learning Landscape of Top Taggers

26 Feb 2019  ·  G. Kasieczka, T. Plehn, A. Butter, D. Debnath, M. Fairbairn, W. Fedorko, C. Gay, L. Gouskos, P. T. Komiske, S. Leiss, A. Lister, S. Macaluso, E. M. Metodiev, L. Moore, B. Nachman, K. Nordstrom, J. Pearkes, H. Qu, Y. Rath, M. Riegler, D. Shih, J. M. Thompson, S. Varma ·

Based on the established task of identifying boosted, hadronically decaying top quarks, we compare a wide range of modern machine learning approaches. We find that they are extremely powerful and great fun...

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