Theory of the effective Seebeck coefficient for photoexcited 2D materials: the case of graphene

19 Jul 2021  ·  Andrea Tomadin, Marco Polini ·

Thermoelectric phenomena in photoexcited graphene have been the topic of several theoretical and experimental studies because of their potential usefulness in optoelectronic applications. However, available theoretical descriptions of the thermoelectric effect in terms of the Seebeck coefficient do not take into account the role of the photoexcited electron density... In this work, we adopt the concept of effective Seebeck coefficient [G.D. Mahan, J. Appl. Phys. 87, 7326 (2000)] and extend it to the case of a photoexcited two-dimensional (2D) electron gas. We calculate the effective Seebeck coefficient for photoexcited graphene, we compare it to the commonly used "phenomenological" Seebeck coefficient, and we show how it depends on the photoexcited electron density and temperature. Our results are necessary inputs for any quantitative microscopic theory of thermoelectric effects in graphene and related 2D materials. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics