Time Reversal, SU(N) Yang-Mills and Cobordisms: Interacting Topological Superconductors/Insulators and Quantum Spin Liquids in 3+1D

28 Jun 2018  ·  Guo Meng, Putrov Pavel, Wang Juven ·

We introduce a web of strongly correlated interacting 3+1D topological superconductors/insulators of 10 particular global symmetry groups of Cartan classes, realizable in electronic condensed matter systems, and their new SU(N) generalizations. The symmetries include SU(N), SU(2), U(1), fermion parity, time reversal and relate to each other through symmetry embeddings... We overview the lattice Hamiltonian formalism. We complete the list of field theories of bulk symmetry-protected topological invariants (SPT invariants/partition functions that exhibit boundary 't Hooft anomalies) via cobordism calculations, matching their full classification. We also present explicit 4-manifolds that detect these SPTs. On the other hand, once we dynamically gauge part of their global symmetries, we arrive in various new phases of SU(N) Yang-Mills (YM) gauge theories, analogous to quantum spin liquids with emergent gauge fields. We discuss how coupling YM theories to time reversal-SPTs affects the strongly coupled theories at low energy. For example, we point out a possibility of having two deconfined gapless time-reversal symmetric SU(2) YM theories at $\theta=\pi$ as two distinct conformal field theories, which although are secretly indistinguishable by correlators of local operators on orientable spacetimes nor by gapped SPT states, can be distinguished on non-orientable spacetimes or potentially by correlators of extended operators. read more

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