Topological and non inertial effects on the interbank light absorption

20 Jun 2017  ·  Rojas Moises, Figueiras Cleverson, Brandão Julio, Moraes Fernando ·

In this work, we investigate the combined influence of the nontrivial topology introduced by a disclination and non inertial effects due to rotation, in the energy levels and the wave functions of a noninteracting electron gas confined to a two-dimensional pseudoharmonic quantum dot, under the influence of an external uniform magnetic field. The exact solutions for energy eigenvalues and wave functions are computed as functions of the applied magnetic field strength, the disclination topological charge, magnetic quantum number and the rotation speed of the sample... We investigate the modifications on the light interband absorption coefficient and absorption threshold frequency. We observe novel features in the system, including a range of magnetic field without corresponding absorption phenomena, which is due to a tripartite term of the Hamiltonian, involving magnetic field, the topological charge of the defect and the rotation frequency. read more

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