Transport, multifractality, and the breakdown of single-parameter scaling at the localization transition in quasiperiodic systems

30 Oct 2018  ·  Sutradhar Jagannath, Mukerjee Subroto, Pandit Rahul, Banerjee Sumilan ·

There has been a revival of interest in localization phenomena in quasiperiodic systems with a view to examining how they differ fundamentally from such phenomena in random systems. Mo- tivated by this, we study transport in the quasiperiodic, one-dimentional (1d) Aubry-Andre model and its generalizations to 2d and 3d... We study the conductance of open systems, connected to leads, as well as the Thouless conductance, which measures the response of a closed system to boundary perturbations. We find that these conductances show signatures of a metal-insulator transition from an insulator, with localized states, to a metal, with extended states having (a) ballistic transport (1d), (b) superdiffusive transport (2d), or (c) diffusive transport (3d); precisely at the transition, the system displays sub-diffusive critical states. We calculate the beta function $\beta(g) = dln(g)/dln(L)$ and show that, in 1d and 2d, single-parameter scaling is unable to describe the transition. Further- more, the conductances show strong non-monotonic variations with L and an intricate structure of resonant peaks and subpeaks. In 1d the positions of these peaks can be related precisely to the prop- erties of the number that characterizes the quasiperiodicity of the potential; and the L-dependence of the Thouless conductance is multifractal. We find that, as d increases, this non-monotonic de- pendence of g on L decreases and, in 3d, our results for $\beta(g)$ are reasonably well approximated by single-parameter scaling. read more

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