Tripling the 99 % mode conversion bandwidth of gratings using a single phase shift

22 Nov 2020  ·  Soham Basu ·

Achieving large bandwidth at strong mode conversion strengths is a central problem in few-mode optical waveguides. The most uncomplicated modification of a standard mode-converting grating is to incorporate a single extra gap... Such simple design has not been applied yet for broadening conversion spectrum between core modes of any few-mode waveguide e.g. few-mode fiber, possibly due to lacking knowledge of critical parameter control: (a) phase shift value at resonance wavelength, and (b) deterministic method for placement of the phase shift(s) accommodating the change in waveguide properties during grating writing. From semi-analytical considerations, we show in full generality that our design of a single-phase-shifted grating increases the bandwidth at 99 % conversion strength by more than 2.9 times, together with elucidating crucial parameter tolerances. The phase-shift placement is determinable on-the-go from the conversion spectra, thereby obviating any estimation of modified waveguide properties during grating-writing. This offers the longed on-demand in-fiber solution for dispersion control in fiber laser cavities and communication systems. read more

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