Tunable kinoform x-ray beam splitter

28 Nov 2017  ·  Lebugle Maxime, Seniutinas Gediminas, Marschall Felix, Guzenko Vitaliy A., Grolimund Daniel, David Christian ·

We demonstrate an x-ray beam splitter with high performances for multi-kilo-electron-volt photons. The device is based on diffraction on kinoform structures, which overcome the limitations of binary diffraction gratings... This beam splitter achieves a dynamical splitting ratio in the range 0-99.1% by tilting the optics and is tunable, here shown in a photon energy range of 7.2-19 keV. High diffraction efficiency of 62.6% together with an extinction ratio of 0.6% is demonstrated at 12.4 keV, with angular separation for the split beam of 0.5 mrad. This device can find applications in beam monitoring at synchrotrons, at x-ray free electron lasers for online diagnostics and beamline multiplexing and, possibly, as key elements for delay lines or ultrashort x-ray pulses manipulation. read more

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Applied Physics