Tuning the two-electron hybridization and spin states in parallel-coupled InAs quantum dots

27 Feb 2019  ·  Nilsson Malin, Boström Florinda Viñas, Lehmann Sebastian, Dick Kimberly A., Leijnse Martin, Thelander Claes ·

We study spin transport in the one- and two-electron regimes of parallel-coupled double quantum dots (DQDs). The DQDs are formed in InAs nanowires by a combination of crystal-phase engineering and electrostatic gating, with an interdot tunnel coupling ($t$) tunable by one order of magnitude... Large single-particle energy separations (up to 10 meV) and $|g^*|$ factors ($\sim$10) enable detailed studies of the $B$-field-induced transition from a singlet-to-triplet ground state as a function of $t$. In particular, we investigate how the magnitude of the spin-orbit-induced singlet-triplet anticrossing depends on $t$. For cases of strong coupling, we find values of 230 $\mu$eV for the anticrossing using excited-state spectroscopy. Experimental results are reproduced by calculations based on rate equations and a DQD model including a single orbital in each dot. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics