Two-Dimensional Computation of Pulsed Magnetic Field Diffusion Dynamics in Gold Cone with Consideration of Inductive Heating and Temperature Dependence of Electrical Conductivity

27 Apr 2018 Morita Hiroki Sunahara Atsushi Arikawa Yasunobu Azechi Hiroshi Fujioka Shinsuke

Application of an external kilo-tesla-level magnetic field, which can be generated using high-intensity laser, to a target is a promising scheme to reduce spray angle of a laser-driven relativistic electron beam (REB) for enhancing the isochoric heating of a dense plasma with the laser-driven REB. Here we have developed a two-dimensional electro-magnetic dynamics (2D-EMD) simulation code to solve Maxwell equations with considerations of the inductive heating and temperature-dependence of electrical conductivity of a material for calculating temporally and spatially resolved two-dimensional profile of the externally applied magnetic field in a gold-cone-attached target...

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