Universal Dephasing Noise Injection via Schrodinger Wave Autoregressive Moving Average Models

5 Feb 2021  ·  Andrew Murphy, Jacob Epstein, Gregory Quiroz, Kevin Schultz, Lina Tewala, Kyle McElroy, Colin Trout, Brian Tien-Street, Joan A. Hoffmann, B. D. Clader, Junling Long, David P. Pappas, Timothy M. Sweeney ·

We present and validate a novel method for noise injection of arbitrary spectra in quantum circuits that can be applied to any system capable of executing arbitrary single qubit rotations, including cloud-based quantum processors. As the consequences of temporally-correlated noise on the performance of quantum algorithms are not well understood, the capability to engineer and inject such noise in quantum systems is paramount. To date, noise injection capabilities have been limited and highly platform specific, requiring low-level access to control hardware. We experimentally validate our universal method by comparing to a direct hardware-based noise-injection scheme, using a combination of quantum noise spectroscopy and classical signal analysis to show that the two approaches agree. These results showcase a highly versatile method for noise injection that can be utilized by theoretical and experimental researchers to verify, evaluate, and improve quantum characterization protocols and quantum algorithms for sensing and computing.

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Quantum Physics